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Stress & Strain

Stress & Strain

Panchkarma therapies

1. help to expel the toxins and other poisonous substances out of the body , 2. improve the blood circulation in various parts and there by pulling out the negative energy out of the body and mind which causes stress.

Following are the commonly used types
This procedure is performed by allowing gently warmed herbal medicinal oil to flow on the forehead of the individual, kept in a vessel hanged right above the head. This is highly relaxing and soothing.
During this a gentle massage is also performed which helps the person to relax further and overall effect is calming down of the nervous system and treating nervous disorders.

This is another Panchakarma process which also acts at strengthening the control of a person on his mind and relieving him of the stress causing agents.
In this procedure , the entire body is massaged with medicinal oil having a variety of highly beneficial herbs. This facilitates the person to perspire releasing the toxins from the skin.

Yoga and Meditation
These play an important role in relaxation of mind hence reducing stress and strain. Internal medication as per constitution of patient is decided.