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Cervical Spondilytis

Cervical Spondilytis

Ayurveda can treat spondylitis in safe and simpler way.
At Pranav Ayurveda Chikitsalaya there are three principles for the Spondylitis treatment
1. Reduction of the inflammation in tissues – Panchakarma treatments
2. Increasing blood circulation in that area – External application like massages
3. Correction of the calcium metabolism – Internal medication

Severe and chronic cases of Spondylitis require Panchakarma treatments, but in acute and fresh cases only medicines too work well.
Manya Basti - A circular receptacle made out of black gram dough is fixed on the back of neck (cervical area). Lukewarm medicated oil is slowly poured in to it. The oil in the receptacle is kept warm by transferring the oil gently heated in a water bath through out the procedure for 45 to 60 minutes.

a. pain,
b. stiffness,
c. degenerative changes (osteoarthritis),
d. spondylosis and
e. cervical spine injuries.

Navara Kizhi: This is one of the specialized treatments for cervical spondylosis. Medicated rice, vata normalizing herbs processed with jaggery are made into a bolus. After gentle application of warm oil, this bolus is applied on the affected part for 30-45 minutes without pressure. This treatment is very effective in healing any type of cervical spondylosis with any degree of pain. This treatment is usually suggested depending on the condition.