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Back Pain

Back Pain

According to Ayurveda Back pain is termed as Katishula.

1) Panchakarma
a) Abhyanga (oil massage)
b) Swedan (medicated steam)
c) Basti (medicated enema)
play important role in relieving Backache, lumbago, prolapsed disc and correcting its abnormalities. The treatment for low back ache is wide-ranging from simple internal medications to intense therapies.
The treatment program most appropriate for you will be selected based on the depth of the disease.

Among other things, this may include
1) Upanaha (medicinal poultice),
2) Dhanyamla (pouring of fermented medicated liquid)
3) Dhara (pouring of medicated oil) over the affected part.

Kati Basti- A bridge is formed on the back bone with flour and warm medicated oil is filled in it and allowed to stay for the some period according to the depth of disease .
This helps the muscles and ligaments relax and heal; improves blood circulation heals the tissues. This treatment is usually advised depending on the condition.