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Paralysis in Ayurveda is denoted as "Pakshaghaat". Ayurveda has mentioned facial paralysis as a separate disease entity called "Ardita".

A) Panchkarma
1) Mild purgation
It is believed that this treatment helps to reverse the pathology in stroke, by normalizing the "Prana Vayu" (which regulates the functions of the brain) and bringing about normal functioning of the blood vessels, muscles and tendons.
2) Abhyanga -Massage of the entire body using medicated oils
3) Swedan
4)"Basti" or medicated enema is also a unique part of treatment. Both the "Niruh" and "Anuvaasan" types of enemas are used in an alternating fashion.
5) Nasya-Medicated nasal drops are used to stimulate and bring about early recovery of the special sense organs. This therapy is known as "Nasya".
B) Medicinal treatment
It is given to normalize vata dosha and paralysis related symtoms