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According to Ayurveda Arthritis is termed as Sandhigatavata. Arthritis is one of the disorders of movable joints, bones and muscles. Starting with the hands, it progressively affects all the joints resulting in pain, stiffness and damage to cartilage, immobility.
Our treatment is specially formulated to provide long lasting relief in all types of arthritis and inflammatory conditions of joints. It reduces R/A factors, E.S.R and minimizes cartilage destruction by modifying the disease pattern.


1) Panchkarma to rejuvenate your joints and make them healthy and flexible by giving
a) Abhyanga
b) Swedan as purvakarma then
c) Basti

followed by januvasti for osteoarthritis and udwartana for rheumatoid arthritis.

2) Oral treatment
Medicines are given determining constitution of patient and intensity of disease.

3) Diet Advice
Is given determining the dietary causes and aggravating factors in the patient.

4) Apunarbhava treatment
Exercise,diet advice,life style regulation,correction of causative factors prevents recurrence of disease.This is Apunarbhava Treatment.We at Pranav Ayurveda Chikitsalaya emphasize on this type of treatment.